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Upgrade Your Bra Style With Bra Accessories

Being a lady yourself, you must be well aware of the hundreds of problems every girl faces everyday such as peeking ugly bra straps and embarrassing visible-nipple. Do you have that pretty absolute backless stunner that you always leave behind because you don’t have the right bra for that? If so, bra accessories can turn your regular bras into highly fashionable ones that can go with your trickier dresses. These accessories allow you to get rid of those annoying and embarrassing bra problems within seconds.

Bra Accessories

Bra accessories are small devices that have the potential to save the day in times of emergency and need. These teeny-weeny saviors can be attached to your usual bras and turn them into the one you desire to achieve a perfect fit, look and feel. There is a large variety of bra accessories  available at The Lady Shop that you can buy online.

Different Types of Bra Accessories?

  • Transparent Bra Straps : Do you wish you could make the shoulder straps invisible underneath that one gorgeous dress such as halter, stylish tube or off shoulder outfits? Well, this wish of yours has come true with transparent bra straps. These straps are made of transparent plastic that go invisible under your skin revealing outfits.
  • Silicon Cups/ Nipple Pasties : Silicon cups or nipple pasties are used to get a smooth shape for your breasts with the support of shoulder straps and back band. They are a perfect choice to wear underneath ultra deep neck or backless outfits as they don’t have any strap and band that could be visible under the cloth. These nipple pasties or silicon cups have skin friendly adhesive that sticks on your breasts. They provide just enough coverage for no nipple peeks.
  • Low Back Bra Convertor : Are you in trouble for not finding a perfect dress for your gorgeous low back dress? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Low back bra convertor turns your regular bra in a low back bra. It is extremely easy to use it as you can set it up in a couple of easy steps.
  • Bra Extender : Does the back band of your bra feel too tight while the cups are in a tip top condition? Well, you don’t have to throw your favourite bra away. You only need some extra space between the hooks that bra extenders can provide.
  • Racerback Ring Convertor : A racerback ring convertor is the best solution for you if you are annoyed by slipping or falling shoulder straps. It converts the regular straps into a criss-cross formation and prevents them from slipping. Racerback ring converters come in handy when you require more support and hold for the heavier breast size. This is the best choice when you don’t want your straps to be visible under your racerback tank top.

Stock your closet with these underfashion yet awesome hacks for the emergency cases. You will find these accessories on the lowest prices at The Lady Shop.