Cotton Bra

Cotton Bra

Cotton Bras:

Cotton bras are the most comfortable and breathable of all bra fabrics. It is because of their quality of being comfy that the first bra of every girl was a cotton bra. It is your go-to bra if you want to be more comfortable as they are extremely soft, comfortable and absorbent. The soft cotton fabric prevents any kind of itching, irritation or pinching, making it a perfect option to celebrate a holiday; lounging around. They are also the best option for those who have sensitive skin.

Cotton bras are available in a vast array of styles and designs that can provide a wide option to complement any kind of dress. There are Lace cotton bras, padded cotton bras, demi cup cotton bras, plunge cotton bras, and transparent cotton bras. The lace cotton bras are the most stylish of all. They have a lace pattern at the band, cups, or wings to complement your natural looks without compromising the comfort factor of the bra.

Padded cotton bras are a priority choice for those who like the contentment of pads and prevent the headlight effect. They can go with most of your dresses no matter how tight they are.

Demi cup cotton bras are the best solution to wear under the dresses that have a little deep neckline. They come with a low front opening and same hook as regular bras.

Plunge cotton bras are for the deep neck dresses. Go with the plunge cotton bras if you are looking for something to wear with ultra-low necklines that blends comfort and style perfectly.

Transparent cotton bras make you feel extremely comfortable with the off-shoulders and bareback dresses because these bras have transparent back and shoulder straps that go invisible beneath the dress.

Cotton bras are extremely easy to wash as well as super soft which makes them the most functional and hygienic bras of all that keep the breasts in the perfect shape.

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