Tube Bra

Tube Bra

Tube Bra: 

Tube bras are also bandeau bras. They are strapless strips that cover the whole cleavage area.

They are manufactured with stretchy fabric and they have no or transparent shoulder straps. The thick band at the bottom and on the top provide a good hold. They do not have any kind of hook; they have a simple slip-on style.

One of the reasons bandeau bras are popular is that they allow you to wear the boldest of neck without having you worried about the annoying peeking of straps. They give the same support and comfort of the ordinary bra without the shoulder straps.

Tube bras mostly have pockets to insert pads that allow you to make them padded bras if you want to avoid the headlight effect. The bra, with pads and no straps, becomes very versatile that you can wear with the tightest of outfits.

Bandeau bras go well with strapless tops, open backs, off-shoulders, broad shoulders and many other kinds of dresses as they prevent the annoying bra peaks. These bras completely hide the cleavage with compromising the comfort, making it perfect to wear with deep necklines if you are not comfortable with visible cleavage.

Get your hands on one of these and say goodbye to the ugly bra strap peeks. These are extremely easy to wear with their slip-on style. Tube bras are available in a versatile range; from sultry lace to transparent straps ones. They provide the right fit without sagging or spillage and give you a flattering silhouette under the dress.

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