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Add up to your style with Bralettes

Do you have that one outfit in your wardrobe that you don’t wear just because you can’t find the right bra for it that doesn’t have peeking straps, bra bands or cups? If you can relate to that, then, fortunately, we have a solution for you in the shape of bralettes. They will go perfectly with all your tricky outfits. That style of bras has evolved greatly over the years for their amazing style and high level of comfort. The cups of a bralette provide a smooth poke free experience which makes them an essential accessory for every woman. One of the best thing about this style of bras is that they are quite similar to crop tops meaning you can pair it with a wide number of dresses and break the monotony.

Various Types of Bralettes

Bralettes come in a plethora of styles to choose from. Here we have broken down some of the most famous styles that you should totally try.

  • Basic Bralettes : These bras, as clear from the name, are the basic forms of bralettes. They are the perfect choice if you want to go easy breezy. They are available in a variety of prints and vibrant colours. They offer a high level of comfort for everyday wear.
  • Designer Bralettes : Some of the bralettes are so attractive that they have a designer like appeal. They feature exquisitely styled cut-outs, backs, keyholes, and many more. Get your hands on one of these to revamp your outfits.
  • Longline Bralettes : They are one of the most stylish bralettes type. They can be paired with pretty much any dress from skirts and shorts to jeans etc.
  • Cage Bralettes : These bralettes have a cage-like design of straps at the back and front. They are super sexy and attractive that are best to be worn with scoop back and deep neck outfits.
  • Neon Bralettes : Neon bralettes are highly stylish and fashionable. They enhance the look of your dress making it look amazingly gorgeous that attract everyone’s attention,
  • Strapless Bralettes : If you want to lose the straps of the bra for your off shoulder or tube top, you can opt for strapless bralettes. They help you achieve that clean shoulders look giving your dress a completely different edge.
  • Bridal Bralettes : If you are looking for an alternative to traditional blouses, bridal bralettes might be your best bet as they beautifully complement traditional dresses like lehengas and sarees.
  • Lace Bralettes : These bralettes are perfect for upgrading your underfashion wardrobe. They are crafted with exquisite and smooth lace patterns and details.

Now that you have learned about all the types of bralettes, it is time to make a pick on some of the gorgeous bralettes from the collection at The Lady Shop. You will find everything you have been looking for in the bralettes. We feature a variety of colours from bold blacks and ravishing red; we have every colour for every girl’s choice. Also, there is a wide variety of styles of bras like T-shirt, cage back, balconette, racerback and many many more.

If you still have any doubt or question about bralettes, read through the section below where we have answered some most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bralettes have a high style and fashion quotient. You can pair them with a skirt, trousers or jeans. Also, you can wear it with a simple button down shirt, T-shirt or a sheer outfit.

Bralette is very much different from the regular bras which makes it a perfect choice to make a style statement. It is similar to a crop top which looks good under almost every dress. Mostly, the ladies with smaller bust size find bralettes more comfortable than the typical bras as they don’t come with wires and pads.

Buying a strapless bra with moulded cups is always recommended as it keeps your breasts in a perfect shape while giving them a smooth and seamless silhouette. Whereas, a strapless bra without cups is similar to a tube bra that doesn’t define shape well. However, ladies with smaller breasts can opt for this kind of bra if they feel comfortable.