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IFG is one of the famous brands and manufacturers of undergarments for ladies in Pakistan. It is housed by an umbrella brand known as The Intimate Fashions. It crafts some of the best quality lingerie items such as bras, panties and nighties. If you talk about the leading trendsetters of undergarments in Pakistan, IFG, with its unique and functional designs, comes at the top of the list. IFG manufactures its products using quality imported fabric and accessories which are parallel to the international standards of quality, sizing fit and comfort.

At IFG, you will find a wide range of nightwear and undergarments in a variety of patterns and prints that will win your heart instantly. It offers you an extensive choice of fabric from cotton, polyester, nylon and satin. All the products are designed especially to meet all the requirements of Pakistani women.

IFG Bras

Most of the bras made by IFG are full coverage bras with simple straps and a hook at the back. These types of bras are simple hence, preferred by most of the Pakistani ladies. Full cups have a high neckline that provide ample coverage to the breasts, ensuring no spillage from the sides or top. They protect your modesty and prevent any kind of wardrobe mal-functioning. Moreover, full coverage bras are perfect for all the ladies regardless of the bust size. They prevent the “quad boob” effect and offer a smooth form underneath the dress. IFG bras come in various styles such as lightly or heavily padded, broad or narrow straps, opaque or net and wired or underwired for you to choose according to your preference and desire. These bras provide modest coverage while providing you the required support and comfort so that you feel at ease all day long.

IFG Bridal Bras

IFG bras often feature gorgeous lace or delicate embroidery patterns on the cups which keep up the style game. The soft fabric of the bra ensures that the lace and embroidery doesn’t ruin your comfort. Some bras contain half lace cups so that you feel beautiful inside out. The pretty and delicate lace designs are sure to add to your appeal.These bras are designed to be comfortable enough for everyday use as well as for special occasions such as honeymoon. IFG bras are every woman’s first choice as they make you feel and look great at the same time. They are the best choice when you want to break the monotony of boring bras. The exquisite lace patterns make you feel more attractive, radiating a timeless classic charm. These lace bras are some of the most flattering undergarments you will find in the market. These factors make IFG bras the favourite of millions of modest ladies in Pakistan.

IFG Bra Material:

IFG’s bras are crafted by the best quality textile material that ensure utmost comfort throughout the day. The fabric usually used includes cotton, polyester, and nylon. All of these fabrics are known for their breathability and comfort and they feel amazingly soft on the skin without any kind of irritation. Cotton fabric, in addition to being breathable and soft, is highly absorbent which makes it great to be worn in the hot of humid weather of Pakistan as it wicks away all the sweat reducing the risk of rash. Whereas, polyester and nylon are breathable so they ensure easy passage of air to the skin preventing that sweaty mess.

IFG Teen Bras:

IFG also offers teen bras that will make the best pick for the beginners. They ensure an amazing first experience of wearing bra. These teen bras are perfect for the young girls who are new to this world of bras as they are crafted with comfortable cotton material that feels like second skin. Teen bras are easy slip on wearing styles that give you freedom from the hassle of hooking the bra on the back. Moreover, these bras have wide shoulder straps that ensure dig-free experience. Get one of these amazing teen bras for your daughter or yourself and give yourself a treat with the first awesome bra feel.

IFG Push-Up Bras:

Another famous type of bras manufactured by IFG are push-up bras. They feature an innovative cushioned inner-bust band that offers a subtle lift to your breasts giving them well-defined shape in addition to the ample support and comfort. These bras slightly push your breasts towards inner gore which allows your breasts to look fuller with accentuated cleavage. This type of bra is available in various styles and fabrics giving you a wide option. Moreover, many of the bras made by IFG have adjustable straps so that you can adjust them according to your perfect fit, preventing strap slipping or strain.

IFG Panties:

Another popular underwear manufactured by IFG are briefs. Briefs are also known as hipsters or hip huggers. They are called so because of the waistband that goes around the hips; about two inches below the waist. They have low-cut leg holes and wider sides that provide moderate coverage. These panties are perfect for everyday use and they go perfectly with the denim as they ensure no visible panty lines with their low-rise styles. The ample coverage of the briefs and their flattering fit have a lot of popularity for briefs among women.

IFG Panty Fabric:

Most of the briefs by IFG are crafted with high quality cotton fabric. This fabric is highly breathable and absorbent that keeps it breezy down there. Cotton prevents any kind of odour from developing there. They are also a perfect choice for those special days of months as cotton has high absorbing qualities. It can save the day if you have any leakage or spillage. The briefs are crafted from a blend of cotton and spandex. Spandex is added to give it some stretchability that is needed for comfort and support.

Buy Best IFG Panties Online

IFG’s panties are amazingly comfortable and breathable that make them a perfect choice for the ladies in Pakistan due to hot and humid weather. Also, they have thin fabric that helps you achieve a perfect shape under your body hugging dresses. IFG panties are available in various colours, prints, lace patterns and embroidery giving you a wide choice. You can make a pick according to your mood and purpose. If you want to feel more stylish inside you can choose ones with lace and embroidery that give an enriched feminine feel. For that cool summer feel, we suggest floral prints in light colours.

IFG Nightdresses

Nightwears manufactured by IFG are some of the most popular amongst ladies in Pakistan. They are meticulously designed while keeping the needs and requirements of Pakistani women. They are light and easy-breezy that will keep you cool on hot and humid nights. The night dresses at IFG are crafted with the light cotton fabric that works like magic taking away all the fatigue of the day when you slip it on. These nightwear are the best outfit to wear to bed as they allow you ease of movement so that you can have goodnight’s sleep.

IFG Long Nighties and Pyjama & Shirt Sets

Two of the most famous nightwear styles by IFG are long nighties and pyjama & shirt sets. These nighties help you achieve timeless beauty. They just hang loosely on the body till the ankles that give you ample coverage while making you feel comfortable. With these nightdresses, you can fall asleep while feeling stylish. The extensive amount of coverage that nightdresses provide allow you to feel free to step out of the bedroom and do the house chores when you live in a joint family like most of the ladies in Pakistan, These night dresses are made with smooth and light cotton. You can choose from a wide range of colours and prints designed in gorgeous ruffles and frilly details.

IFG’s nighties take care of every woman’s daily needs with their soft fabrics and easy-breezy designs. Made in pretty prints and comfortable fabric, nightdresses are not just comfortable but they are practical as well. They are a perfect choice when you want to wear something super easy and comfy for beauty sleep or just to lounge around and have lazy Netflix sessions. You can also wear them while doing the daily house chores to feel comfortable.

Buy IFG Undergarments Online

Undergarments and nightwears are worn closest to your skin, therefore it is important that you pick them carefully. They have to be highly comfortable and breathable so that they may not cause any kind of skin condition. Surely you won’t like them to be itchy and sticking to your body. IFG provides a wide range of bras, panties and nightdresses at unbelievably affordable prices. It caters for every woman’s needs and purposes. Fashion, style and comfort make for the popularity of the IFG brand.

IFG Online Shopping

You will find all the latest products and trends at IFG at The Lady Shop. We deal in some of the best undergarment articles and the products by IFG are one of them. You can make a pick of any clothing article by IFG without a hitch after making sure the right fit and choice. The Lady Shop provides you with the best platform for IFG online shopping. IFG may be the best brand you can invest in for your underwears for maximum comfort and ease.