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Level Your Sexual Appeal With Sexy Lace Bras

Say goodbye to the boring routine and add a little more style to your under-fashioned wardrobe with gorgeous lace bras at The Lady Shop. We feature bras with delicate and exquisite lace patterns. These bras are perfect if you want to look attractive and sexy on that special night. A lace bra exudes a brilliant classic charm which makes it one of the best undergarment choices for you to wear that will compliment your body. They are also a great accessory to include in your bridal trousseau.

Various Styles of Lace Bras

The lace bras can be categorised into different styles based on the amount of lace used on it. Following are some of the most common styles of lace depending on place and amount of lace used.

  • Lace on Cups : This is one of the most common types of lace bras. These bras feature an additional layer of lace on the cups which is usually of some other material. You can find these bras in all kinds from push-up to underwires. The lace used on this style of bra is usually thinner than other styles.
  • All Over Lace : This style is a treat for those who love lace. The lace is the basic fabric of these bras inside out. The lace used is sturdier and thicker as compared to the one used in other lace bra styles. The lace is sturdy as it is the only source of support to the breasts. You can find them in a wide variety of styles and colours to satisfy your love for lace.
  • Touch of Lace : These bras do not have a lot of lace on them. The main fabric of the bra is cotton, polyamide or something sturdier that provides the required support and that has been beautified using lace. Usually they have amazing details on the wings, cups, and torso to add that charm. In a nutshell, this bra gives you the best of both worlds; support as well as beauty.
  • Lace Bralettes : Whether you are thinking about wearing an outfit like crop tops or you simply want to ditch the blouse, go for the lace bralettes. They are the latest fashion trend and they are superbly functional as well. You can pair them up with numerous outfits such as jackets or you can simply wear them as summer tops. They will never fail to impress you.

The Lady Shop has got some of the most gorgeous lace bra styles for you to choose from. They are a great choice to sass up your bra collection. These bras come in handy when you want to take some control over your husband. Or you can simply wear them with those scoop back outfits. Lace bras will go with pretty much anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. You can wear a lace bra in push-up or underwire styles to ensure greater support and comfort.

No, not necessarily. If the bra has only a little touch of lace on the band or cups, it conceals the skin. However, the all over lace style has a little see-through style.

No, lace bras are worn the same as any other bra. They have a closure on the back that can be tucked in 4 simple steps.

Yes, the lace bras featured at The Lady Shop are made with smooth and soft fabrics on the cups that prevent every kind of itch and twitch.