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Why a nightdress is important?

Can you think of going to your bed at night in a skin-tight dress? No, you can’t. We are sure that you prefer breathable, loose and comfortable nightdress that allows you to spread and stretch in every posture you want without being too tight or uncomfortable. The perfect nightdress for you is the one that helps you sleep better for that is the purpose of a nightdress.
Thankfully, the collection of nighties at The Lady Shop allows you to live your dream. You can browse through the collection of nighties online in the privacy and comfort of your home. Choose your favourite ones and have them delivered at your doorstep. The Lady Shop features the nightdresses that are a perfect blend of comfort and style. They promise you a good night’s sleep all year round. We have a variety of designs in every category you like; you surely will be spoilt for choice.

Picking the Right Nighty for Ladies Online:

Finding the right nighty that perfectly satisfies every aspect can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. If you are facing any difficulty in figuring out what makes a good nightdress, we are here to help. We have listed down some things that you should consider when buying a nighty in order to bring home the right one that is just made for you.

  • Fabric : The first thing you should see is the fabric of the nightdress. Pick satin nighty if you want to experience a buttery smooth feel every night to fall into a sound sleep. Whereas, if you want it to be breathable, soft, and sweat-absorbent, go with cotton or plush modal fabric.
  • Season/ Climate : Your perfect nightdress also depends on the weather and season you are buying it for. In summers, the best choice is premium cotton fabrics preferably short. You can also go with the cotton blended fabrics. In winters, the heavier fabrics such as velour, twill or satin will be your best pick.
  • Mood : The choice of nighty depends significantly on your mood and the purpose you are going to buy it for. For Example, if you are looking for something for your honeymoon, you will look for a sexy nightdress like babydolls or one with lace. Likewise, you want to buy nightwear for the slumber party with your friends next Saturday night, comfy short styles or top and bottom set will be just right for you.

Types of Nighties :

There is a wide variety of nightdress out there. We have narrowed down the list by mentioning only the most common and popular styles.

  • Satin Nightdress With Robes : Whether you want to pamper yourself for the night or you are spending a special night with your partner, a satin nightdress with a robe is what you need. It offers you ultimate comfort and robe adds to the elegance and luxury of your nightdress, hiding your assets.
  • Long Satin Nightdress : They are highly luxurious nightdresses. You will get a soft, smooth and buttery feeling when you slip into it after a hectic day which will help you fall sleep better and you will wake up fresh in the morning.
  • Lace Night Dresses : If you are looking for something to turn the heat up and look gorgeous even when you are fast asleep, lace nightdresses are for you. They might be a little sultry showing just the right amount of skin while giving you a feminine and super sexy feel at the same time.
  • Short Nightwears : This is one of the most popular, short and fashionista’s go-to picks for slumber parties. They are also a good choice for you want to dress to bed.
  • Cotton Nighty : For the ladies in Pakistan, cotton nighties are the go-to pick. They are not so exquisite and stylish, on the contrary, they are quite simple, super comfortable and breathable, which makes them popular here because of the hot and humid weather conditions of the country.
  • Nighty Sets : As the name suggests, they include multiple pieces of nightwear for every mood and occasion. Basically, it makes it easy for men who do not know what to buy for their woman.
  • Cotton Nighties with Robes : If you feel uncomfortable going out of your room in a nighty, a robe might be an answer to your woe. It works as a great alternative. The robe with the nighty provides you with the necessary cover you need while allowing you to move around comfortably to perform your daily chores with ease.

Now that you have learned different types of nighties, it is time to make a pick for yourself. If you still have some questions in your mind, we have answered frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

For special occasions like a honeymoon, sheer babydolls or short nighties crafted with satin fabric may be the best pick for you. You can choose a nightdress with sultry lace details and slits. However, if you feel they are not for you, you can browse through our collection to find the best for yourself.

It depends on how much you wear it. If you wear the same nighty every night, you may want to wash it every other day. If you have other nighties that you wear interchangeably, it is enough if you wash it once a week.

It is a long nightdress mostly crafted with cotton which makes it highly breathable and comfortable on your skin. It is best for those ladies who feel comfortable having high coverage.

We need a nighty because our regular clothes don’t allow enough movability and breathability. Nightdress doesn’t stick to the body and, also, keeps your body temperature normal so that you use the utmost ease.