Nighties are perfect to wear to relax at night and have a good night’s sleep because they are breathable, loose, and extremely comfortable. They make it easy to move your body and stretch providing you a perfect experience of bedtime bliss. Nightwears allow you to live your dreamy indulgences. They are a perfect blend of comfort and style helping you to have a fabulous bedtime routine.
It can be a little overwhelming at first if you have no experience in buying nighties. You should consider the fabric, your mood, and the weather when buying a nighty. Cotton fabric is more breathable and soft, and satin fabric gives a buttery smooth feel to the wearer. Also, for special occasions like a wedding night or honeymoon go for “see-through”, lace and babydoll nighties. Lastly, keep in mind in which weather you are going to wear it; heavier fabrics like velour, twill, or satin are suitable for winters. While short cotton nighties are best for summers.
Nighties have a wide range of variety, style, fabric, and design presenting you with multiple choices to wear according to your purpose. There are long satin nighties, satin nightdress with a robe, cotton nighties, cotton nighties with a robe, short nightdresses, long nightdresses, lace nighties, and nighty sets.
Each of the different types of nighties serves different purposes.  Satin nighties are luxurious and gift butter-soft feeling allowing the wearer to relax better. Cotton nighties are the most popular among south Asians because of their comfort and pretty styles. Lace nighties make you feel sexy and hot; they are best to woo your husband.

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