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Get a Perfect Shape and Ultimate Comfort With Padded Bras

Padded bras are your best bet if you want to make your breasts look more even rounder with an uplifted shape while preventing nipple show. They feature foamed cups which make your breasts look more attractive by giving them a symmetric shape and enhancing your cleavage. They also provide a perfect fit in whatever you wear making them a great choice to get that extra boost for your look and confidence with required support.

Why Should I Wear Padded Bras?

  • Shape Up : Padded bras are famous for the well-defined shape and curves they provide. They make your breasts look rounder giving it an even and smooth shape. Non-padded bras might be more breathable and comfortable but they can’t give you the fabulous shape that padded ones give.
  • Pump Up the Volume : The foamed cups of the bra, give a perfect instant boost to the volume of your breasts. They make the breasts more attractive that boost up your confidence.
  • No-Show Effect : Padded bras are the best choice if you don’t want to run the risk of headlight effect. The thick pads in the cups hide the nipples perfectly. The foams make sure that you don’t get the headlight effect.

Various Types of Padded Bras

  • Silicone : A silicone bra is perfect to be worn under a completely bare back top or super plunging neckline. These bras simply stick to your breasts with a skin friendly adhesive allowing you to show off your dresses while giving you support.
  • Underwired : If you need some extra support for your full or semi-full breasts, these are the best picks for you. They offer you a subtle lift and amazingly contour the shape of your breast. Underwire bras are crafted to give a perfect shape to your bust while providing ample support.
  • Non-Wired : If you are not comfortable with the poking of underwires, you can try out non-wired padded bras. The pads provide you enough support and protect your modesty without compromising your comfort. You can wear them underneath any dress and be at ease.
  • T-shirt : Finding the right bra to wear under a thin fabric can be challenging. T-shirt bras provide you with the best option to pull off your skin-tight dresses and give a perfect shape. They allow you to have a rounder, smooth and seamless shape. They are great for protecting your modesty even under thin clothes.
  • Push-Up Bras : If you desire for an attractive and more prominent cleavage, you can choose from the collection of push-up padded bras at The Lady Shop. These bras lift and perk up your breasts letting you have a perfect cleavage. They also make your bust look rounder and fuller breasts. Whether you are looking for something sexy and attractive to wear at a party or date night, this bra will give the desired look that will surprise everyone.
  • Sports : You require more support and firmer hold to your breasts when you are working out. The bra you wear while doing intense physical activity should allow maximum flexibility and comfort at the same time. If you wish to be free of constraint in material and fit, you should go with a padded sports bra. In addition to these benefits, a padded sports bra provides the best protection so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while running or working out in the gym. A padded sports bra does a great job preventing breast bounce and jiggling.
  • Lightly Padded Bras : Ladies with any bust size can buy these bras. They protect your modesty without adding extra volume to your breast. They are the best choice for you if you want to prevent nipple show without adding more volume to the breasts.
  • Heavy Padded Bras : if you want to add a little more bulk and volume to your breasts to achieve that fuller look, heavy padded bras are for you. They give your bust a smoother and rounder shape accentuating the curves to give you a gorgeous body figure.
  • Strapless : You can achieve a perfect look in your off shoulder or tube outfit with strapless padded bra. This style of bras give a perfect no-shoulder-straps look under those tricky outfits giving you freedom from adjusting your straps under the dress again and again.
  • Full Coverage : Full coverage padded bras provide ample support and minimize the risk of spillage. This style of breasts is the best choice for the ladies with larger breasts who require extra support, however, ladies with smaller breasts size can wear them as well.

Choose your favourite padded bras from the wide collection at The Lady Shop. You will find padded bras in a variety of styles, colours and prints to choose from according to your preference. We also feature padded bras in different fabrics like lace and cotton. The Lady Shop allows you to choose the perfect bras from the privacy and comfort of your home.
If you still have a question about padded bras you can scroll down to the FAQ section to find answers to your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Padded bras are for getting a perfect shape and support while concealing your nipples. Whereas, a push up bra pushes your breasts a little toward the center which accentuate the cleavage. Moveover, padded bra features foams in the cups while a push up bra has foam at the bottom as well to give an extra push to the breasts.

Ideally, you should replace your padded bra after 4 to 5 months. However, you haven’t used it much and it is not worn out, you can wear it for a longer time.

We recommend that you hand-wash your padded bra as it helps retain the quality of cups and its shape. However, you can also machine wash it as long as you use a laundry bag and keep the water temperature right.

You should wash your padded bra after using it twice. But, if you sweat a lot, you should wash it after every use.

No, padded bras are completely safe to wear. They are now available in breathable fabric which prevents the risk of rash. Also, ensure that you wear the bra that fits perfectly.

A padded bra is best for getting smooth shape underneath your dress. It gives a rounder and perkier shape to your breasts while preventing nipple show.