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The Style Guide about Panties for Women

Women are very conscious about their underclothes, however, only a few women are aware that buying the right size and style of the undies are equally important. In the past, panties for women were a mere necessity, but today, panties designs and styles have undergone huge makeovers with ever-evolving patterns and trends. Now, panties are used for enhancing the overall appearance and improve body shape. If undergarments are selected carefully, they can help ladies to make a statement in their favourite outfits.
The Lady Shop understands the changing trends, patterns and preferences of ladies, thus, we have a wide assortment of ladies underwear for every body type and purpose. The Lady Shop allows you to break the monotony of those boring whites, blacks and nudes. We have brought stylish panty designs with amazing patterns and vibrant colours.
Wearing the right size of panty is key to remain comfortable all day long so make sure that you take the right measurements before you go buying a panty.
Here is a little guidance for you about the different types of panties. Having a look at them will help you decide what would be the most suitable for you.

  • Bikinis : It is a style of panties for ladies that has been made famous by the women on sandy beaches. You don’t necessarily have to have a plan to visit a beach for wearing that. You can wear these stylish briefs at home on an everyday basis as well. They are perfect to be worn with low-cut jeans.
  • Thongs : They provide no back coverage and have a triangular front design. They are a perfect choice if you want to avoid panty lines from showing on the tight dresses. These panties have a smooth and very clean silhouette that will make your body look in beautiful shape.
  • Hipster : It is the most common ladies’ underwear because it can fit all body types. It provides ample coverage to the rear area and the crotch making it the best option for the ladies. You can go with high waist hipsters if you have a slightly bulging tummy as it can help you push the bulges in.
  • Boyshorts : Boyshorts have full rear coverage which goes all the way down to the thighs making it modest yet sexy. They are actually boxers for females. You can wear them with bodycon dresses for a perfect fit.

Have you chosen what’s suitable for your style? If so, then wait for no longers and place an order of your favourite panties right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

For an “apply body” type, high waist hipsters work really best. Their high rise covers the tummy and broader sides push in the bulges. However, boyshorts and hipsters can help you achieve a toned look for a pear-shaped body. For lean or rectangular body types, traditional bikini-style will be a perfect choice. And, ladies with hourglass figure don’t have to restrict themselves to any panty type.

Period panties give a leak-free and stain-free experience. The feature a coated fabric that covers crotch, back and fronts making it as leak-proof as possible.

Cotton is the most preferred fabric for panties for everyday use. Cotton has a high absorbability which makes it perfect for the hot and humid climate of Pakistan. In addition to absorbing moisture, they maintain breathability. The stretchability and softness make the cotton fabric extremely comfortable for everyday use.

G-string is worn to avoid the panty line and it has the smallest coverage with just a small triangular design in the front. On the other hand, a thong provides more coverage on the front than a g-string.

Determining the perfect size for your panty is simple; wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your hips and note the number. Yes, that your panty size.