Cotton Panties:

A great number of infections can be avoided significantly by wearing cotton panties. Cotton fabric is breathable, comfortable and super soft which makes it ideal to wear in the hot and humid climate. They come in a number of varieties and low cut styles for fancy purposes.

One of the reasons you should wear cotton panties is that it prevents vaginal infections because they are extremely breathable and soft that avoids the growth of yeast around the private parts.

Cotton panties avoid itching caused by a yeast infection and the disturbance in the PH level. Wearing these panties can decrease itchiness and irritation by keeping the moisture from building up on the groins.

There’s a high level of moisture in and around the vagina that can cause odor. The breathability of the cotton fabric provides enough ventilation that can prevent the odor a great deal.

Periods are a hard time, there’s a chance of leakage no matter how absorbing the tampon or the sanitary pads are. Cotton panties are highly absorbant that can provide an extra layer of a pad in case of leakage reducing the risk of mishaps. Moreover, it feels mild on the sensitive skin because of its breathability, softness, and absorbency that wicks away all the moisture while making sure your private parts remain ventilated

Cotton panties are available in various different styles. There are Bikinis, Hipsters, boyshorts, thongs, and boyleg. Bikinis give perfect coverage and they lie flat on the back for more comfort. Hipsters are the best choice if you want completely cover the rear. Boyshorts are like boxers that provide full coverage at the back and they are perfect if you want to prevent thigh rash.

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