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Get Just the Right Support with Plus Size Bra

The plus size bras are also regarded as big bras. As you must already know and it is evident from the name, they are crafted for the ladies with larger breasts. They provide the needed support and lift to the larger bust which the regular bra styles fail to offer.
The ladies who have been blessed with bigger cups need to be a little more cautious while buying their bras. A big bra size needs features like additional seams on cups or cross over tape. They have a broader bottom band than the regular sized bra as well.

How to Tell When You Need a Plus Size Bra?

Normally, it will be quite obvious if you need a big size bra as you won’t feel satisfied wearing an average-size bra. Some of the other common signs are:

  • The bra band keeps riding up to your bust
  • Your breasts keep spilling out of the bra cups
  • The strap of the bra cut into the skin
  • You feel like you need more support for the breasts

How to Choose the Right Plus Size Bra?

  • Underwire : You can choose bras without underwire as well but underwired bras are a great choice if you need additional support. The underwired bras have wires sewn to the edges at the underbust that support and provide a subtle lift to your breasts.They are a perfect choice to avoid sagging of breasts in the long run.
  • Shoulder Support : Look for the bra that has wide shoulder straps that prevent digging and provide ample cushioning.
  • Closure : Another important thing to keep in mind while buying a plus size bra is the closure style. If you find it a bit harder to clasp the bra at the back, you can consider front closure bras. Front closure style of a bra makes it a lot easier to take off and put on the bra. Moreover, they offer amazing support.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Buying a Plus Size Bra?

You will find plus size bras in a plethora of styles, prints and patterns. If you feel at loss about what kind of plus bra size you should find, here’s a guide for you.

  • Style : One of the main issues faced by the ladies with plus size breasts limited options in full cups and wide band. However, fortunately, there are hundreds of style options like plunge bras and push-up bras that are highly comfortable and give a sexy outlook and feel.
  • Size : Finding the right size in the bras is one of the primary concerns for ladies with the bigger bust size. Make sure that you know the right breast size before you go shopping for a bra. There is no way you can compromise on the size. Luckily, with the huge collection of plus size bras present at The Lady Shop it won’t come to making a compromise.
  • Colour : Plus size bras are available in all kinds of colours and patterns. You can choose from ravishing reds, bold blacks, subtle nudes or whatever you prefer. Plus size bras are also available in the brighter colours such as pink, green, brown and many more. Pairing these bras with your favourite dress can help you achieve a chic and confident look.

Okay, now you are ready to make the right pick for your bra to give your breasts the comfort, support, and lift that they need. If you still have some confusion regarding plus size bras, read on to our FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions

A T-shirt bra and a full cup bra can help you achieve the smooth and seamless shape while giving your breasts a subtle lift. A push-up bra and underwired bra can be your saviour as well if you desire that amazing support and lift. Another option for saggy breasts is the balconette bra for both support and shape.

Yes, if you are a woman with fuller breasts and broad shoulders, a balconette bra is perfect for you. It is one of the most trending bra styles that provides ample support.

T-shirt bras with full figure are the best picks for women with plus size breasts. They provide a smooth and seamless shape while providing the necessary support. To avoid adding more volume, opt for non-padded styles.