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Get Your Teenager Bra for the Right Start

First experiences are important in life as they make up your opinion for the whole life. First teenager bra is significant for the young girls. Being the mother of a girl, you know what your girl gonna need when she hits puberty; developing breasts that need the right support and comfort. It is important that you choose your girl’s bras wisely for a hassle-free experience without any kind of discomfort during this stage of life.

What is the Right Time to Start Wearing a Teenager Bra?

There is no particular age or specific time to start wearing a bra as every girl grows differently. Here are some of the signs that might tell that your daughter needs to wearing bras.

  • Darkening of Nipples : The nipples and the area around them start becoming darker.
  • Tenderness : Breasts start to get delicate and sore as they start to develop.
  • Breast Buds : Breasts are small bumps that poke through the shirt.

How to Find the Right Teenager Bra?

We have broken down what your daughter actually needs from her bra. Here are some of the tips to find the right beginner bra for her.

  • Right Size : To make sure that you get the correct fit and form, you need to measure time and again during the teenage year. Get your daughter to measure every 6 months to get the right match. Gradually, you can introduce teen cup sizes to get the correct ones for maximum comfort
  • No Pokes : Surely you don’t want your daughter’s first experience with bras to be uneasy and uncomfortable. One of the best options is slip-on bras that provide the right support without any uncomfortable poking of clasps, hooks, and underwires.
  • Shades that blend perfectly : Though beautiful colours and prints might be tempting, they are not recommended when it comes to teenager bras. Choose the colours that blend perfectly under the school uniform and other regular outfits to ensure more confidence in your daughter and decreasing the risk of embarrassing situations.
  • Supportive Underbands : The breasts develop throughout the teenage so the size is constantly changing and growing. In this case, a supportive underband comes in handy. Find a bra with a broad underband to ensure confidence and comfort.

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If you still have any question regarding teenagers’s bras, read through the frequently asked questions as they might be able to satisfy your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few signs can tell if your bra is not fitting well, these are; spillage, riding back band, digging and uneven silhouette.

You can measure your breasts using a measuring tape. Though you may feel uncomfortable, it is important for getting the right fit.

As we have mentioned above, when you start to have various signs such as darkening of nipples, tenderness and breast buds mean you need a bra.

A teenager bra doesn’t have cup sizes like a normal bra. Teenager bra features no underwires, hooks and clasps. They are easy to wear with their slip-on style.