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Bebelle is one of the oldest lingerie brands in Pakistan. It started its journey in 1996 with the name of Naseem Apparels. It was a small production house in the beginning which grew into one of the top and fastest growing brands of undergarments and lingerie in Pakistan.
Be-belle strives to provide its customers with unique and functional designs that not only make you look good but also feel good. Bebelle has won trust and confidence of its customers with its epitomization of the best designs and comfort. It has become the first choice of Pakistani ladies as Be belle offers them the top quality products that compete with the international standards in terms of fabric and comfort. Its products are crafted in intricate designs using the best quality materials. It provides the finest trimmings that shows craftsmanship of the top level artisans.
When you are at Be belle, you can choose your favourite styles and colours without any hesitation as it keeps up with the high quality standards.
The in-house team of designers and researchers from Far East and Europe have worked together to bring Bebelle to the list of top undergarment brands in the world. They turned novel ideas into unique designs which made Be belle a trusted and well-renowned name in this industry.
Bras and panties manufactured by Bebelle are particularly famous among the ladies in Pakistan as it is one of the few brands of lingerie in the country that meet all the needs of Pakistani women. Bebelle divides its bras in four major categories that are Cotton, Noncotton, Embroidery and Laces.

Cotton Bras :

Cotton is one of the best and most desired materials for undergarments that’s the reason Bebelle has a separate category for cotton bras. Cotton is amazingly soft, absorbent and breathable fabric that offers you utmost comfort. Cotton fabric is the best choice for the ladies in Pakistan as it is perfect to be worn in hot and humid weather like that in Pakistan. The high absorbency of the fabric wicks away all the moisture preventing rash while keeping you warm.
The cotton category of Bebelle features nine gorgeous styles of bras. They are MAXClence, SOFTOUCH, TuLiPs, TLP-Hearts, KLASSILK, INTIMAGE, IMAGE, XCLence, and DORIA-ctn.
All of these bras are made of 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort and ease throughout the day.

  • MAXClence

The cups of MAXClence feature French applique on the upper corners near the bands. It has full converge cups with criss-cross lift. Moreover, it has U-shaped back and wide shoulder straps which ensures no embarrassing peeking straps on the shoulders. The shoulder straps are adjustable and removable that means you can wear it with various dresses such as tube tops or backless dresses. The clasp at the back of the bra is made with non-allergic plastic that is sure to last for a long time.


SOFTOUCH is crafted with the blend of cotton and lycra fabric. Lycra is highly elastic fabric that is added to increase the elasticity in the cotton fabric. It has padding of European standard laminated sheet. The extremely soft and buttery smooth shoulder straps ensure no digging or rubbing that makes you at ease all day long whether you wear to office or for just lounge around.

  • TuLiPs

TuLiPs features uniquely designed 2 panels bra crafted with cotton. It has an elastic on the band of bra that hugs your skin comfortably for perfect fit. The straight back of the bra ensures a modern sleek look under your body-con dresses giving you a perfect shape. The shoulder straps are also made with cotton fabric that is adjustable at the back for utmost comfort and fit.

  • TLP-Hearts

TLP-Hearts is an innovative design of 2 paneled bra, It has embroidery of two different colours on the upper cups and it has matching straps that keep your style game up. It features a U-shaped bra band that has powernet for utmost breatablity, comfort, support and fit. The hook is made of skin-friendly plastic and it is made to last for a long time.


KLASSILK is a lightly padded bra with a dual layer of poly-cotton fabric from cups to wings. It gives a perfect smooth and seamless shape under any kind of dress. It has elastic along the top and bottom of the band which allows customized fit for all sizes. KLASSILK bra is available in 4 amazing colours that are black, lavender pink, vanilla and skin.


INTIMAGE is one of the most stylish bras you will find at Be belle. It has 2 paneled non-wired soft cups with gorgeous sultry lace on the top. The elastic at the bottom and on the top of the double layered band offers amazing support while keeping you comfortable. It has a smaller sized straight back which gives a perfectly sleek look. You can get this bra in 4 different colours; black, light pink, skin and white.


IMAGE has dual panel cups that provide magic fit. It is crafted with double layered poly-cotton fabric. It features gorgeous jacquard lace strips at the neckline. The straps are jacquard, 12mm wide with straight back for smaller sized bras. The hook at the back is made with special grade skin-friendly plastic.

  • XCLence

XCLence is a push up bra with criss-cross lift that gives a gorgeous shape under the dress accentuating cleavage. The band of the bra has elastic on the bottom and top for customised fit for any size. The strap is 16mm wide which reduces the risk of digging. It has a pretty floral print on the cups. The wide band and straps keep you comfortable all day long and prevent muffin effects.

  • DORIA-ctn

DORIA-ctn is a cotton bra with 3 panel soft cups. It has a sturdier band that provides additional support. The band of the bra features elastic on the bottom and top for a perfect fit. It has 20mm wide straps for bigger sizes and 17mm strap for smaller sizes. The cups have beautiful floral print that keeps it stylish. You can find this bra in four different colours that is Black, Orchid Pink, Skin and White.

Bebelle Non-Cotton Bras:


Bebelle’s non-cotton collection bras have a JULLIA bra which is crafted with the softest micro-poly fabric which offers fabulously smooth shape. It has an elastic adjustable strap that can be easily adjusted on the front. The band of the bra has elastic on the top and bottom which provides customised fit. It has a U-shaped back for extra support and comfort.

Bebelle Lace Bras:

Bebelle has a wide collection of lace bras with various lace patterns and lace styles ranging from all-over lace to lace-on-the-cups or lace-on-the-bands. With their exquisite designs, lace bras by Bebelle are perfect accessories to upgrade your under-fashioned wardrobe. Lace bras are a perfect pick when you want to take a break from the monotony of your daily life. They make you feel and look more attractive and sexy. Bebelle’s collection of lace bras include 8 amazing styles of lace bras that are: LACESSITI, LACESENCE, INTIMAGE, MARVEL, ROMANCE FOREVER, X-Over, DORIA LACE and LACENTIALS.


This design of bra features French delicate lace on the cups and a band made of a blend of nylon and lycra. Lycra is added to increase the stretchability of the fabric so that it hugs perfectly to your skin giving you an amazing shape. It is a non-wired, non padded bra that goes perfectly with your stylish dresses. It has laced straps and straight back that keeps you comfortable as well as stylish.


It is a French, dual coloured delicate stretch lace bra. It has non-padded, non-wired cups to keep your fashion game up. These bras are available in four beautiful colors that are Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Skin and Yellow. They have stylish and straight back straps that give you an amazing look.


It features soft non-padded and non-wired cups with beautiful lace on the cups.The lower cup is lined with mash that gives you a stylish appearance without compromising on the comfort. The band of the bra is made of micro-poly fabric and it has elastic on bottom and top so that it fits perfectly on any size. It features a straight band giving you a modern sleek and seamless look. The shoulder straps also have elastic and you can adjust them from the front with ease.


It has two sections, soft non-padded and non-wired cups.It has scallop lace edges on the neck line. The back strap is crafted with high quality micro-poly material with elastic on bottom and top that allows a customised fit. It has additional side seam on the straight back that offer better comfort and support. The stylish shoulder straps are adjustable from the back so that you can enjoy a perfect fit and form.

  • X-Over

This provides an amazing criss cross lift giving you a gorgeous shape and making your cleavage more prominent. The full coverage cups have majestic looking lace all over them that make you feel beautiful from the inside. The strap is 16 mm wide that reduces the risk of digging. The elastic at the bottom and on the top of the band lies comfortable around your body.


This bra has 3 panels non-padded soft cups that are laden with elegant meshed lace. The band of this bra is sturdy to provide you with a little extra support. The band has elastic on top and bottom. You get it with a 17 mm wide strap for smaller and 20 mm strap for bigger sizes for the right lift and support.


It is one of the most beautiful lace bras you will ever come across. It has French delicate lace which is crafted with a blend of nylon and lycra to add so elasticity in it that will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. It features one piece, low coverage darted cups with underwire that provide additional support. The stylish straps and straight back makes it a perfect choice for special occasions. They are available in amazing vibrant colours such as Dark Navy, Hot Pink, Red and Skin for you to choose from according to your likes.

Buy Bebelle Panties Online

Panties are another most famous product by Bebelle. They are crafted especially according to the needs and requirements of Pakistani ladies. Bebelle divides its panties in three categories that are Cotton, Non Cotton and Laces.

Cotton Bebelle Panties

Cotton is one of the fabric best options for panites for ladies. It not only wicks away the moisture but it also lets through air to your skin keeping that area dry. Studies have shown that if moisture stays in that area for an extended period, it can cause infection. Cotton fabric, by keeping that area dry protects your sensitive skin from infections. Moreover, cotton fabric also prevents viginal ordours making it a hygienic choice as well. You can also benefit from the high absorbent characteristics of cotton in those special days of months as it can save the day in case of leakage.


It is a high rise styling panty that offers ample midriff coverage. It provides complete rear coverage that keeps it at its place ensuring comfort the entire day no matter how you sit or move your body. Irisoft features an elastic waistband as well as along the leg opening. This panty is available in several beautiful colours such as Charcoal, Orchid Pink, Skin, Spice Purple, and Vanilla.

Non Cotton Bebelle Panties


This panty has a high rise design that provides more coverage to your tummy giving it a flattening look. Full back coverage keeps you comfortable as it does have any hard seams to dig in your skin. The panty has elastic waistband and leg opening that allows customised fit. It features soft cotton crotch lining that ensures maximum comfort for the whole day. You can find this panty in three colours; Black, Maroon and Skin.

Lace Bebelle Panties

Lace panties are one of the best options when you want to keep up the style game and feel beautiful inside. It gives you a more feminine and tender feel. Lace panties are also made with highly comfortable fabric so that your comfort is not compromised for style. Following are some of the most beautiful lace panties at Bebelle.


These panites have mid-rise designs that offer ample coverage for your private parts with no coverage to the tummy. It features a complete floral lace on the front which gives an amazingly beautiful look. It has elastic on the leg opening that helps you achieve a crisp and clean look under your body hugging dresses. It provides a full back coverage which keeps you comfortable all day long. You can get this panty in several beautiful colours like Black, Maroon, Skin and Tea Pink.

  • ROMA

It has a mid-rise style for comfortable feel and sexy appeal. It offers full coverage on the back and the front. It features gorgeous scallop lace on the front while the back is plain. The elastic waist and leg opening for maximum comfort. This panty is available in Black, Maroon, Skin and Tea Pink.