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Get a Perfect No-Visible-Straps Look With Tube Bras

Do you ever wish for your straps to vanish so you can enjoy an immaculate look with your wide neck dresses? If so, tube bras can grant your wish of a perfect strapless look. These bras are immensely popular among ladies. They provide the same support and comfort without those ugly peeking of straps from under the top. They are also known as bandeau bras. They provide the best solution if you want to achieve a strapless look.

Why is Tube Style of Bras So Special?

A tube bra is a strip of stretchy fabric that is strapless and has a thick band on bottom as well as top which ensure better hold. They are similar to strapless bras but they do not feature any closure which allows you to wear them with ease. One of the best things about these bandeau bras is that they come with little compartments where you can insert pads to convert them into strapless padded tube bras. Bandeau bras are versatile as you can wear them with any kind of dress such as body-hugging and wide shoulder.

Benefits of Wearing a Tube Bra?

Tube bras are highly versatile that allow you to experiment with all kinds of dresses including strapless tops, off shoulders, broad shoulder dresses and many others. They offer a perfect look without offering any embarrassing bra peaks. Here are some of the benefits and situations when a tube would come in handy.

  • With Open Back Outfits : Open back dresses are extremely fashionable and trendy. They need stylish bras like tube or backless bras as the visible straps of regular bras can ruin the appearance of the dress. Tube bras will surely add an amazing oomph to your look.
  • For Hiding Cleavage : Tube bras are perfect for your deep neckline outfits when you don’t want to show off your cleavage. They are a smart solution to cover your cleavage without compromising the comfort.
  • With Shoulderless Tops : Tube or bandeau bras go perfectly with strapless or off shoulder dresses. They allow you to achieve a perfect look in all such dresses.
  • With Sheer Outfits : Sheer dresses are unarguably the sexiest of the dresses. You can wear tube bras to keep the modesty protected. You can experiment with colour contrasting and get an amazing look.

Tube bras can also be worn with hundreds of other types of dresses. Browse through the versatile collection of tube bras from sultry lace ones to transparent straps at The Lady Shop.

If you feel that tube bras are not your thing, you can look for other bra styles like strapless, T-shirt, balconettes, racerback bras, and many more. You name it, we have it. The bras featured at The Lady Shop not only give you a perfect shape but also extreme comfort with little risk of sagging and spillage.

If you have any questions abou tube bras, read through our list of frequently asked questions to find answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tube bras are delicate, therefore they need special care to retain their stretch tip-top condition. Also, prefer hand washing them to keep them in the best shape for a long-time.

Picking the right tube bra is not really difficult. You just have to consider the bra size and the rest depends on your personal preferences.

If you feel comfortable enough with your tube bra, you can wear it daily under any top from T-shirts to tank tops. Make sure that you are wearing the right bra size that supports and lifts the breasts just perfectly.

Tube bras are recommended to the ladies with smaller breasts size. If you are a lady with bigger breasts, we recommend you to wear other styles of bras that provide more support and lift.