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Get Smoother Look With Full Cups

A full cup or full coverage bra is one with a high neckline that is designed to cover most of the breast. The full cups have a higher neckline that prevents “quad boob.” giving a smoother line underneath your shirts.
At The Lady Shop, you can find various cup styles ranging from stretch fabric cups and molded cups to seamed fabric cups. Full cup bras are immensely popular amongst ladies with larger breasts or full cup sizes. However, many ladies with smaller bust size also prefer the modest coverage and perfect shaping provided by a full coverage bra. They are an ideal choice for the ladies who want to completely avoid breast spillage.

Various Types of Full Cup Bras

  • T-shirt Bra : Full coverage T-shirt bras give amazing affect if you wear them with a high neck shirt. The fuller coverage of the bra makes the seam or top edge invisible underneath the shirt giving a smooth and seam free look.
  • Minimizer Bra : They cover the whole breast. Minimizer bras hold your breasts firmly against the body forming a minimized look and giving them a perfect shape. This shape and look would be impossible to get without a full coverage style.
  • Seamed : If you want to achieve a bolder look, you can go with seamed cups. This  cut-and-sew can also be very stylish if you find a perfect dress to go with it. They offer a very different shape from a T-shirt or minimizer bra.
  • Sports Bras : Most of the sports bras come with a fuller coverage style to secure your breasts completely from high impact while doing any rigorous physical activity. The cup perfectly covers the breasts and holds them in place.
  • Wire Free : Wire free bras with full coverage style is versatile enough to wear with a myriad of your everyday dresses.

The Lady Shop brings to you an amazing collection of full coverage bras you will ever find online. We stock the bras that provide ample support and lift you need. Shop for full cup bras from The Lady Shop and ensure utmost style and maximum comfort that every woman deserves.
If you want to find out more about these bras, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions, do read through them to get your concerns answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full coverage bras prevent spillage and quad boob offering a smoother shape. They are also a great choice if you desire for extra lift and support.

Demi cup bras have a smaller cup size that gives you a sexy fit underneath your low cut dresses. These bras are perfect for the ladies with smaller breasts. Whereas, full coverage bras have fuller cups giving less to no revealing. These bras give you amazing support especially for ladies with bigger breasts. It is one of the best options for the women who want an extra level of comfort.

No, not necessarily, many ladies like to wear full coverage bras because of the extra level of comfort they provide. They perfectly secure your breasts ensuring no spillage. If you think that the demi cup is not for you, go for full coverage bras without hesitation.