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Upgrade Your Style with Cage Bras

Get your under-fashion style up-to-date by stuffing a couple of cage bras in your wardrobe, They are one of the hottest and most trending styles of bra. A cage bra comes in strappy back and exquisite designs. With their modish patterns and gorgeous colours, these bras are highly sensuous that win every woman’s heart. One of the reasons it is getting more popular with every passing day is that it is made with the top quality fabric that ensures utmost comfort without compromising on the style.

Types of Cage Bras:

Regardless of your shape and size, there is a cage bra for every woman that meets her requirements and keeps up the fashion game for you. Whether you like the classic T-shirt bras or sports bras, you can find something for yourself in this style. We understand that every girl has unpredictable tastes, so we craft cage bras in different styles to meet everyone’s liking. Here are different styles of bras that you can get in cage bra as well.

  • Bralette : Cage band combined with bralette is by far the sexiest style of cage bras. It is totally worth flaunting and they have strappy designs in the back and at the front. These bras normally have longline, made with the best quality fabrics like powernet and lace.
  • Sports : You want to feel and look a little more stylish while working out in the gym, you can find a sports bra with a cage-style band. These bras are not strappy and super slim like the regular bras. However, they feature broad straps that provide extra support and comfort while you lift weights.
  • T-Shirt : Like a regular T-shirt bra, a cage T-shirt bra is also highly comfy that provides smooth, seamless silhouette and has a stylish design at the back.
  • Underwired : If you need a little extra lift and support, underwired cage bras are for you. These bras have wires sewn at the edges of the cups that offer a clean bust line. Which is made even more stylish by multiple straps at the back.

The cage bras are trendy, classic and fashionable which can fulfil every woman’s needs. If you still have any question in your mind, we have answered the frequently asked questions to solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cage bras are perfect combination of style and comfort. Their plush fabric and strappy designs make them so popular among woman.

Yes, it is a top choice for many women for their honeymoon. Find a perfect bra with mesh or lace with a matching panty to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Yes, The Lady Shop stocks top quality fabric cage bras that ensure you get the maximum comfort.

You can wear all kinds of outfits with a cage bra. However, as they come in a stylish strappy design which is worth showing off, you can wear them with sheer and backless outfits to add to their oomph.