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What Are the Benefits of Bra Straps?

Bra straps play an important role in helping you achieve the right shape and fit for your breasts. The right size of the cups alone cannot offer a perfect fit unless they have a perfectly fitting pair of straps. To feel comfortable, being able to adjust and wear the shoulder straps with your choice can give you more comfortable and satisfactory bra experience.

Most Common Bra Strap Issues

Some of the most common bra strap problems experienced by ladies around the world are enlisted below:

  • Straps are too tight so much so that they dig into the skin and result in cuts and rashes.
  • Shoulder straps are too loose that they do not sit on the shoulders and they keep on falling or slipping down.

The solution of these problems is easy but, unfortunately, most of us do not know how to solve them. Most of the bra straps have adjusters that let you adjust the length of the straps either increasing or decreasing it. You can adjust it to a perfect fit according to your body type.

Various Types of Bra Straps

Picking the type and style of the strap that is right for you is as important a factor to consider as their quality and ease. The Lady Shop brings to you a wide variety of bra straps for various occasions and usage.

  • Detachable Bra Straps : Some bras have loops on the ends of the straps to detach or attach them. With detachable bra straps, you don’t have to throw away your bra if the straps lose their elasticity. Get your hands on a new pair of detachable bra straps and keep on enjoying wearing your favourite bra with the same old comfort. These bras also come in various colours and patterned designs to match your bra. One of the best things about these detachable straps is that you can wear them in different styles depending on your outfit such as one shoulder, halter, racerback and criss-cross.
  • Designer Bra Straps : The Lady Shop brings to you an amazing collection of designer bra straps. Our designer bra straps range from the peppy ones with golden studs or blingy ones with glitter stones to cute butterflies print ones or racerback ones. You will find your desired designer bra straps at The Lady Shop. These straps are not hide but to flaunt with confidence. Browse through the list of fancy bra straps online at The Lady Shop and have them delivered at your doorstep. You can team up these straps with different dresses such as your strappy , spaghetti, halter and tube tops for a stylish look.
  • Transparent Bra Straps : You can switch to transparent bra straps to wear with off shoulder, backless dresses and tube tops when you don’t want to show off your bra straps. Transparent straps are similar to the normal straps. The only difference is that they are made up of plastic which gives them their transparency. They offer the same lift and support to your bust. As they are transparent, they can merge with your natural skin colour giving an invisible effect.