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How does wearing cotton nighties benefit you?

Cotton nighties are by far the most comfortable nightclothes for summers. In Pakistan, when it gets hot and humid in summers and earth beneath seems to burn itself, we rush for breathable clothes to cool off at nights. Cotton fabric is popular for its absorbency and breathability. It is everyone’s go-to cloth material in Pakistanis for summers.

Why cotton nighties are every girl’s favourite?

Cotton nighties have become every girl’s favourite article of night clothing due to a number of reasons.

  • Cotton nighties are highly easy-breezy that keep you cool in hot summer nights.
  • They provide the right and comfortable coverage so that you can sleep or sit in any pose.
  • They are highly breathable and let your skin breath making you comfortable.

Various Designs of Cotton Nighties?

If you have made up your mind to buy cotton nighties, The Lady Shop provides you with the best opportunity to shop online with ease and have them delivered at your home. We stock a wide range of prints and designs of cotton nighties with prices so low you will be surprised.
If you are still confused about which design of cotton nightwears will be the best for you, we have provided you with the details of different types, designs and types of cotton nighties.

  • Cotton Nightgowns : It is the most famous style of cotton nighties. It has a long length that covers your legs completely and keeps you comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Their maxi styles give these nightgowns a very sophisticated look.

Most of the cotton nightgowns for women feature a matching robe that simply adds to its classiness. These nightgowns are perfect for the ladies who find it challenging to perform everyday housework in long sarees. Buy cotton nighties online now in Pakistan from the variety of nightdresses, kaftans and nightgowns with robes available at The Lady Shop.

  • Short Cotton Nighties : These are every girl’s favourite pick for her nightwear. This style is popular among ladies due to its dress-like design. It is not just comfortable and easy-breezy but they also let you feel stylish in evenings which is the most personal time for every girl. If you are looking for a perfect cotton nighty for yourself, check out the collection at The Lady Shop. You will find short cotton nighties in a wide range of cute and quirky prints and design to choose from according to your preference.