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As your outfit defines your mood. Evenings and nights are the times of calmness and tranquillity for most of the people. We need clothes that allow us to relax after a long, tiring day at work. The Lady Shop stocks a wide variety of stylish and comfortable nightwears for women that help them to enjoy their evenings to the fullest. We have glittery and stylish nightwears that will be perfect nightclothes to set the mood for a Saturday night. Also, we can provide you with comfortable clothes to crash into the bed after a tiring day. The nightwears featured at The Lady Shop are trendy and fashionable as well as comfortable that perfectly complement your mood. To help you choose the best nightwear, we have enlisted the best styles with their features for every mood of ladies.

Types of Ladies’ Nightwear

  • Nightdress/ Nighty : They are the most comfortable nightwear styles ever. They are comfy and super loose, crafted with soft and smooth fabrics such as cotton and satin. There are two variants.
  • Short Nighty: They hang comfortably on your body and you can easily slip into these easy-breezy nightdresses.
  • Long Nighty: They are long, loose dangling ones that provide amazing comfort and are suitable for every figure type.
  • Nightsuit: Nightsuit is usually a two-piece set that provides you with the ease of movement. They are mostly made with cotton fabric that keeps you cool and comfy all night long. Nightsuits also have two different styles:
  • Top and Shorts: Top and shorts are one of the most favorites among young girls who like to stay and feel stylish and comfy in the evenings. These sleepwear clothes are a must-have for every lady to beat the scorching heat. The Lady Shop, stocks a wide range of these nightwears in beautiful prints and patterns that are perfect for daily wear.
  • Top and Pyjama: There is hardly anything comfortable as a top and pajama set that you can use for everyday wear. They can be your best pals in those hard days of a month. I have never known a woman who doesn’t keep a pair or two of the set in her wardrobe.
  • Babydoll: It is the perfect attire for those build and naughty nights as it has a sexual appeal to it. The Lady Shop features a wide range of these hot and sexy nightdresses in gorgeous designs and patterns. They not only enhance your look but also give you an ultra-feminine appearance. These are surely a win-win if you want to take your pattern by awe and surprise him.
  • Nighty with Robe: They are extraordinarily classy nightwear that offers ultimate comfort, especially the satin ones. The two pieces of these nightwears are undoubtedly sexy and attractive, and no one can resist their charm. The nighty in the set lets you feel stylish from the inside and the robe wraps you snuggly.

Now, let’s talk about different nightwear Fabric

Different Types of Nightwear Fabric

Nightwear is crafted with some of the softest and comfortable fabrics that make you feel relaxed without compromising style. The fabrics usually used in making Nightwears are cotton, satin, and lace to ensure you have the most comfortable nights.

Nightsuits and nighties are perfect for those hot and humid nights of Pakistan when you need more breathability and relaxation. Whereas, there are woolen nighty and nightsuits to wear in chilly winter nights to get much-needed warmth.

Nightwear Styles to Address Specific Problems

There are some solution based styles of nightwears that are used for specific purposes. Following are the details of such nightwears
Feeding Nightwear: These nightwears are for the new mommies. The Lady Shop has a range of feeding nightwear for new moms including nightsuits and nighties. They are made with comfortable cotton fabric and you can find them with various adorable prints. They have a front opening to easily feed the baby.

Bridal Nightwear: As the name suggests, it includes essential bridal trousseau for every lady’s needs. They are quite similar to babydoll and other sexy lingerie.

Sexy Nightwear: Sexy nightwears are a perfect choice if you want to spice things up and take your partner by awe. These hot and scintillating nightwears include sexy babydolls, sheer nightwear, night slips, and many more.

All of these types are available at The Lady Shop. You can browse through our collection of nightwears online from the privacy of your home and have your favorite ones delivered at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a variety of nightwear available that will define your every mood. The adorable pajama and top & shorts sets are best for when you are in a fun mood. For a flirty and bold mood, you go with frilly short nighties. If you are feeling hot and sexy, get your hands on sultry babydoll styles.

It mostly depends on how often you wear them, you might want to wash your nightwear every day or once a week. If you wear different nightwears every night, then just once a week would be enough. However, if you lounge all day in your nightwear and sleep in it as well. Then you should wash it every other day.

When you go for buying feeding nightwear, ensure that it is comfortable for you and conveniently solves the problems. Choose the one that has easy feeding-access has layering designs to let you go braless.

Your nightwear should be comfortable enough to help you sleep peacefully. The fabric of the nightwear should be soft, smooth, and breathable like cotton. However, in the winter season, woolen nightwear gives maximum comfort.

Cotton short nighties or top & short sets are best for summers. Pajama sets with slightly thick cotton are for winters. Satin fabric works best throughout the year.