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Why Is Wearing Cotton Panties Important?

There have been a large number of studies showing that many infections in the pubic areas can be prevented by switching to cotton panties. Cotton fabric is superbly comfortable, breathable and soft that ensures comfort all day long without any irritation. Cotton panties are perfect for daily wear as well for the fancy purposes as they are available in wide variety and various low cut styles.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Cotton Panties?

Cotton fabric, in addition to being comfortable and soft, is highly absorbent that wicks away all the moisture and lets your skin breath that can be beneficial in multiple ways. Here, I have enlisted several benefits of wearing cotton panties.

  • Avoid Itching : Itching is one of the common skin problems which is caused due to disrupted pH level of the skin or yeast infection. Wearing cotton undergarment can prevent it and alleviate it as cotton can prevent building-up of moisture.
  • Prevent Infections : One of the reasons for vaginal infection, which is growing among women with every passing day, is the lack of breathability of fabric such as polyester and latex. Wearing highly breathable and absorbent fabric like cotton reduces the risk of yeast growth which in turn prevents infections.
  • Period Protection : Though the sanitary pads and tampons are highly absorbent, there is still a risk of leakage or overflow during heavy bleeding. In such situations, a cotton panty comes in handy as they are also highly absorbing. Therefore, we recommend you wearing cotton panties during periods because they considerably reduce the chance of mishaps in case of any leakage.
  • Reduce Odour : Vagina is one of the most sensitive body organs that can cause odour due to the high level of moisture. One of the best things about cotton panties is that they are highly breathable and absorbent. Therefore, they provide enough ventilation that significantly lowers the odour.
  • Gentle Material : Cotton is one of the best fabrics in terms of absorbency, breathability and softness you will ever come across. It feels extremely tender on the skin, ensures proper ventilation, and wicks away the moisture, giving you comfort the whole day.

Various Types of Cotton Panties

  • Bikinis : Bikini has become one of the most popular styles of panties. You have recognized the name from the ladies wearing them at the beach to show off their gorgeous curves. They have also been worn by ladies as regular underwear. They offer modest coverage and lie flat on the back comfortably.
  • Hipsters : It is one of the most comfortable cotton panty styles you will ever come across that is why it is popular as well. It offers ample coverage on the back and it is an ideal choice for everyday wear.
  • Boyshorts : These are the female version of boxers for boys. They offer complete coverage at the back. Also, there are no better choices than boyshorts as they are highly functional in preventing thigh rash.
  • Thongs : It is the sexiest style of panty ever. It provides minimum coverage at the back making it a perfect choice to be worn underneath those skin tight outfits because they do a great job in avoiding visible panty lines.
  • Boyleg : They are very much the same as boyshorts except that boylegs are a little longer in length than boyshorts. You can wear them under short skirts or other short dresses to protect modesty. Also, they provide a good alternative to the traditional cycling shorts as they don’t require panties underneath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, cotton panties are a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric that adds stretchability to it. It is also functional in providing maximum comfort during movements.

It depends on your personal likes and dislikes. You just have to figure out which one is suitable for you. For example, you might like to wear hipsters for daily wear. Similarly, thongs will be best to wear underneath skin tight dresses as they prevent visible panty line.

Nylon fabric is softer than cotton but cotton is still a better choice because it is highly hygienic making it a better option for everyday wear.