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Turn Up the Heat With Sexy Bra

It is undoubtedly true that we want a little quotient of sexy in our bras along with them being supportive and comfortable. Surely, you need your lingerie with some sultriness. Also, wearing something that makes you feel good and sexy inside instantly boosts your confidence level.
A sexy bra with a bit of sheer, lace and powernet detailing is a plus. These are a must have for you if you are a bride to be for your honeymoon and bridal trousseau. You can level up the style game by a plunging neckline or cage back. Having said that, let’s dig into some of the sexiest bras featured on The Lady Shop.

Various Types of Sexy Bras

  • Sexy bra with Underwire Cups : Non-padded bras with underwire that offer a gentle lift to the breasts are some of the hottest bras you will ever come across. They make your breasts look rounder and gorgeous while keeping them perfectly covered. They are perfect for the newly wed as they have a sneak peek effect that will surely make your partner weak at knees.
  • Lace Non-Wired Non-Padded Bra : Lace is a perfect accessory to accentuate sexuality and femininity in your look. The Lady Shop brings to you a gorgeous collection of sexy lace bras. The exquisite lace and ultra-soft fabric makes the bras super comfortable. Non-wired and non-padded cups ensure all day comfort with compromising on style.
  • Bralette : They look similar to crop tops with gorgeous details and style.You can pair them up with shrugs, jackets or anything to add some style to your look. They also go perfectly with your sarees and traditional blouse to get a chic look.
  • Cage Bras : Cage back bras have become immensely popular due to their awesome style and extreme comfort that they provide. You must have many celebrities and influencers pulling off a cage bra in tops and dresses.
  • Push-Up Bras : These bras come to the top of the list of sexy bras. They provide a gentle uplift to your breasts giving them a perfect shape and making the cleavage to perk up. They are the best choice for ladies with any bust size who want to enhance their overall look. They will go perfectly under your traditional dresses like saree blouses and lehenga.
  • Hot Bras & Panty Sets : Sets of matching bras and panties have been the sexiest undies of all-time. They can be used under lingerie as well as normal clothing. The Lady Shop stocks fabulous collection sexy bra & panty sets for you to explore your ideal pair. They surely will level up your underfashion wardrobe.
  • Front Open Bras : These bras are your best bet if you are looking for something exquisite and really sexy. The convenient front opening style is all the way attractive. Front open bras come in gorgeous patterns and sexiest styles giving you an amazingly graceful look.

Now that you are aware of all the options available for spicing up things, it is time to shop your favourite hot bras and make your evenings more exciting.
We have answered some most frequently asked questions to satisfy your concerns about sexy bras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the colour of your sexy bras depends on your personal preferences. However, mostly, women choose red, black or the mix of both for their sexy bras as they are thought to be more sensuous.

Which bra will be attractive depends on the purpose and occasion. Some girls might prefer the sultriness while others may want a perkier cleavage for which they will choose push-up bras.

Yes, if you feel comfortable enough in your sexy bra, you can wear it daily. Make sure that it is the right size and has a comfortable fabric and fit.

Yes, you can wear a sexy bra under a T-shirt as long as it is seamless and provides a smooth shape. Although, it might have visible lines if it has lace on it.